Dog Boarding in Tillamook Oregon

Dog Boarding and Daycare Tillamook Oregon

About Us

Melvin Faber and Marie McCabe are the owners and operators of the Canine Garden Resort.  They moved to Tillamook, Oregon in 2000 from a small town, Lake City, in the San Juan Mountains located in the Southwest portion of Colorado.  Prior to their marriage, Melvin was a retired truck driver who owned and operated a bed & breakfast and art gallery with his first wife Gwendolyn, who was a very talented watercolor artist.  Tragically Gwendolyn, passed away of  cancer in 1996.  Marie worked as an administrative assistant in the county commissioner's office and before that was a Certified Medical Assistant who had worked for numerous physicians and hospitals throughout the State of Colorado.

Mel and Marie were married in 1998.  After vacationing in the Tillamook area numerous times, they decided to move due to the harsh climate of Colorado and the isolation of the little town.  They both loved the ocean and on one of their trips to the Oregon coast they had a picture of Marie with their little dog Abby taken on Abby Lane.  When the property was for sale at the time of their move they thought that was a good omen indeed.  The property had a chain link fence.  Because of their dogs Abby and Ellie, this was a top priority.  The property had a shop and was surrounded by beautiful woods and perfect garden areas. 

 After moving, Mel went to work at a local hardware store and Marie at the local hospital.  Ellie, the St. Bernard mix,  lived to the ripe old age of 13 and Abby, the Lhasa Apso, until 17. After Abby passed, Mel and Marie were heart broken and decided to rescue a little Shih Tzu, Dolly.  

  Life went on happily and along the way, a few cats showed up and Mel and Marie both being animal lovers and having such a wonderful home for animals, adopted each cat. Dolly was a wonderful little dog except she did not get along with other dogs!  Dolly became sick and was diagnosed with an untreatable brain tumor. They made the most of everyday going on their daily beach walks, playing with her favorite toys and chasing the "light divine" a light from a flashlight. It was very hard for Marie and Mel to loose their Dolly.

 One day Marie was looking on the Internet and came across a picture of a little dog that desperately needed a home.  Mel and Marie went to the city of Portland and immediately fell in love with the little guy and his name is Bean.  Not sure what he is exactly, one thing for sure he loved every dog he met!

  After working so hard all their lives and wanting to be home together, gardening and enjoying each other Marie came up with the idea to convert the shop into a wonderful dog house and fence in some areas on the property to make a dog day care and boarding facility.  So together they have made a wonderful safe haven for people to bring their dogs to stay.  Because of Dolly and her untimely death and little Bean and his love for other dogs a dream came to light.  "Dogs have always been my salvation," said Marie and now they are again.  So come meet the happy family at the Canine Garden Resort.  Let them take care of your dog and they promise to treat them like they are part of this wonderful family.